Sunday Reflections

2nd Sunday of Lent (B)


2nd. SUNDAY OF LENT (B) Mark 9:2-10 – Feb 25, 2018

From the shining cloud the Father´s voice is heard: This is my beloved Son, listen to him

The Oscar of the Academy Award is the recognition of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences , of excellence and professionalism in the film industry, including directors, actors, writers, visual effects, and more. When you watch any of the films awarded with an Oscar, you expect to see one of the best movies produced. But the director of the Oscar awarded picture does not tell you that this is the end and death of his film industry.

1st Sunday of Lent (B)


1st. SUNDAY OF LENT (B) Mark 1:12-15 - February 18, 2018

This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the Gospel

You might have heard this story, A ship is bonded for the coast, but a thick fog interferes with the radar of the vessel; the radar identifies it as if another ship is on its way. Then the ship captain sends the following message, “Chance your direction 10 degrees.”

The captain receives an immediate answer from the “other ship”, “You should change your direction 10 degrees.”

The upset captain insists, “You better change your direction, I am the Commander of the French Navy.”

From the other side somebody answers, “”I am an obedient employee. What I tell you is, change your direction.”

The captain gets very angry and replies, “You must change your direction because this is a warship and I am not responsible for what could happen to you and your ship.”

Immediately the answer comes from the other side, “Even if you are a warship, I advice you to change your direction, this is not a ship, this is a lighthouse and you are about to crash.

5th Sunday in Ordinary Ti me (B)


5th. SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME (B) Mark 1:29-39

February 04, 2018

Christ took away our infirmities and bore our diseases “.

Fever was a serious illness in the old times especially when it appeared and people did not know its cause, different as we easily know it today. So, people died just because of a fever. At the time of Jesus´ ministry Simon´s mother-in-law happened to be sick with a fever. When Jesus entered the house of Simon Peter, and his brother Andrew, with the two other brothers James and John, they told him about the sick at home. The Gospel of Mark tells us about some typical healing steps that Jesus takes, “He approached, grasped her hand, and helped her up.” This action of Jesus is not unusual, what is quite unusual is that the woman instead of taking at least a day or a few hours of convalescence, she immediately got up of bed and waited on them.

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)


6th. SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME (B) Mark 1:40-45 - Feb 11, 2018

A great prophet has arisen in our midst. God has visited his people“

One of the amazing moments of Saint Francis of Assisi´s conversion was his encounter with the leper. His first biographer Thomas of Celano, in his First Life of Saint Francis, wrote, "So greatly loathsome was the sight of lepers to him at one time, he used to say, that, in the days of his vanity, he would look at their houses only from a distance of two miles and he would hold his nostrils with his hands. But now, when by the grace and the power of the Most High he was beginning to think of holy and useful things, while he was still clad in secular garments, he met a leper one day and, made stronger than himself, he kissed him. From then on he began to despise himself more and more, until, by the mercy of the Redeemer, he came to perfect victory over himself. Of other poor, too, (…) he was the helper, stretching forth a hand of mercy to those who had nothing, and showing compassion to the afflicted.” Francis himself, at the end of his life wrote in his Testament, "When I was in sins, it seemed extremely bitter to me to look at lepers, and the Lord himself led me among them and I practiced mercy with them."

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)


4th. SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME (B) Mark 1:21-28 - January 28, 2018

A prophet like me will the Lord, your God, raise up for you from among your own kin, to him you shall listen“.

“You expect wise people and prudent and experienced counselors to speak with wisdom, but you do not expect ignorant or evil people to do it. The ignorant and evil might speak with power, but not with authority. When Jesus came to Capernaum on a Sabbath and entered the synagogue to teach, as it was his habit to do it, there a man with an unclean spirit, a demon, came to proclaim what nobody expected him to do. He “cried out” a truth about him, yes indeed, he gave a theological short lesson on Jesus’ identity, “You are the Holy One of God.” Then, after this proclamation and at the same place, Jesus confirmed the testimony of the possessed man. Jesus commanded him, “Quiet! Come out of him! The unclean spirit convulsed him and with a loud cry came out of him.

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